Statutory Audit

About Statutory Audit

A statutory audit is a legally required examination of the financial records and operations of a company or organization. It is performed by an independent auditor, who is appointed by the company’s shareholders, and its purpose is to provide an objective and impartial assessment of the company’s financial performance and compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

The auditor will review the company’s financial records, including its balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement, and assess its internal controls and processes to ensure that they are adequate and effective. The auditor will then provide an opinion on the accuracy and compliance of the financial statements, which can be an unqualified opinion (indicating the financial statements are accurate and comply with laws and regulations), a qualified opinion (indicating the financial statements are accurate but with limitations), or an adverse opinion (indicating that the financial statements are not accurate or are in violation of laws and regulations).

The benefits of a statutory audit include increased transparency and credibility for the company, which can help to build trust among stakeholders and provide assurance that the company is operating in a responsible and ethical manner. It can also help to identify areas where the company needs to improve its financial reporting processes, reducing the risk of future financial mismanagement.

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Steps We Follow in Statutory Audit

The steps we follow in a statutory audit are designed to ensure that we provide an objective and impartial assessment of the client’s financial performance and compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Our audit firms in gurgaon approach is comprehensive and thorough, and we take great care to ensure that the audit results are accurate, reliable, and relevant.

The steps we follow in a statutory audit are as follows:

  • Planning and Preparation: This involves understanding the client’s business, reviewing the client’s prior audit reports, and evaluating the client’s internal controls and financial reporting processes. This stage helps us to identify any potential audit risks and plan the audit accordingly.
  • Obtaining an Understanding of the Client’s Internal Controls: This involves understanding the client’s internal controls over financial reporting and evaluating their design and operating effectiveness. This helps us to determine the extent of substantive testing that we need to perform.
  • Gathering Information and Documentation: This involves reviewing the client’s financial records, contracts, and other relevant documents, and obtaining information and explanations from the client’s management and other relevant parties.
  • Testing and Evaluating Evidence: This involves performing audit procedures to test the accuracy of the financial statements and the client’s compliance with laws and regulations. This includes both substantive tests and tests of controls.
  • Drafting the Audit Report: This involves preparing the draft audit report, which includes our findings and recommendations for improvement.
  • Reviewing and Finalizing the Audit Report: This involves reviewing and finalizing the audit report, taking into account any feedback received from the client’s management.
  • Communicating the Results: This involves communicating the results of the audit to the client’s management and other relevant parties and discussing any recommendations for improvement.